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OEM Symbol MC32N0, MC3200, MC92N0 2D Laser Scan Engine SE4750 (20-4750SR-IM000R)

  • OEM Symbol MC32N0, MC3200, MC92N0 2D Laser Scan Engine SE4750 (20-4750SR-IM000R)
  • OEM Symbol MC32N0, MC3200, MC92N0 2D Laser Scan Engine SE4750 (20-4750SR-IM000R)
  • OEM Symbol MC32N0, MC3200, MC92N0 2D Laser Scan Engine SE4750 (20-4750SR-IM000R)
  • OEM Symbol MC32N0, MC3200, MC92N0 2D Laser Scan Engine SE4750 (20-4750SR-IM000R)
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  • OEM Symbol MC32N0, MC3200 2D Laser Scan Engine SE4750 (20-4750SR-IM000R)

    SE4750 2D Laser Scan Engine delivers unparalleled scanning performance for virtually any type of data, from 1D and 2D barcodes to photos and letter, legal, A4 and A5 size documents. PRZM intelligent imaging scanner technology enables fast and accurate data collection. Supporting MIPI allows you to use the latest processors without the need for additional components, integration time and device space. In addition, its scanning range is more than 30% longer than previous products. This means state-of-the-art data capture, faster time to market, lower cost, and greater application flexibility.


    • Compact size: 0.46 inches/ 11.8mm can be integrated into extremely narrow spaces, increasing product design flexibility.
    • Bright sights and built-in LED lighting: Make it easy to capture barcodes in the first place.
    • Read all 1D and 2D barcodes: including broken and printed blurry barcodes to increase user productivity and avoid the time and cost of manual error handling.
    • Unique PRZM Intelligent Imaging: PRZM reduces the unnecessary delays and brings a faster data acquisition experience by releasing a portion of the processing to the source of the image.
    • Support for next-generation MIPI interfaces: SE4750 supports emerging MIPI interfaces as well as traditional parallel interfaces.
    • Extraordinary scope of work: SE4750 Standard Range scan range is actually much higher than the "standard". Users can collect data from 36 inches/92 cm. SE4750 Mid-Range extends the scope of work to 20 feet/6 meters.

    Physical parameter
    Size: SE4750SR: 0.46in.H x 0.85in.W x 0.64in.D (11.8mm H x 21.5mm W x 16.3mm D)
              SE4750MR: 0.46in.H x 0.85in.W x 0.65in.D (11.8mm H x 21.5mm W x 16.5mm D)
    Weight: 0.29oz./8.22g
    Interface: Camera Port on 21 pin ZIF connector

    Performance parameter
    Sensor Resolution: 1280 x 960 pixels
    Field of View: SR: Horizontal: 48°,Vertical: 36.7°;MR: Horizontal: 31°,Vertical:23°.
    Skew Tolerance: ±60°
    Pitch Tolerance: ±60°
    Roll Tolerance: 360°
    Focal Distance form Front of Engine: SR: From front of engine: 7.38in.; MR: From front of engine: 14.2in..
    VLD: 655nm laser
    Illumination: 2X Warm white LEDs

    Use environment
    Ambient Light: Max 96,900lux (direct sunlight)
    Operating Temperature: -22℉ to 140℉/-30℃ to 60℃ (measured at engine chassis)
    Storage Temperature: -40℉ to 158℉/-40℃ to 70℃
    Humidity: Operating/Storage: 95%RH, non-condensing at 60℃
    Shock Rating: 2000G±5%,any mounting surface, at -30 and 60℃ for 0.85±0.10ms 2500Gz±5%, any mounting surface, at 23℃ for 0.70±0.10ms

    Decode Ranges (Typical Working Ranges)
    SR Focus: 3mil code 39(Near: 2.8in./7.1cm, Far: 6.2in./15.8cm); 5mil code 128(Near: 2.3in./5.8cm, Far: 8.7in./22.1); 5mil PDF417 (Near: 3.0in./7.6cm, Far: 8.1in./20.6cm); 6.67mil PDF417 (Near: 2.2in./5.6cm, Far: 10.6in./26.9cm); 10mil DataMatrix (Near: 2.4in./6.1cm, Far: 10.6in./26.9cm); 100% UPCA (Near: 1.6in. 4.1cm, Far: 23.0in./58.4cm); 15mil Code 128 (Near: 2.4in./6.1cm, Far:25.2n./64.0cm); 20mil Code 39 (Near: 1.6in./4.1cm, Far: 36.3in./92.2cm).
    MR Focus: 5mil Code128 (Near: 7.4in./18.8cm, Far: 16.0in./40.6cm), 5mil PDF417 (Near: 8.1in./20.6cm, Far: 13.1in./33.3cm), 7.5mil DataMatrix (Near: 8.3in./21.1cm, Far: 12.8in./32.5cm), 10mil DataMatrix (Near: 7.0in./17.8cm, Far: 17.0in./43.2cm), 100%UPCA (Near: 2.3in./5.8cm, Far: 38in./96.5cm), 15mil Code 128 (Near: 4.0in./10.2cm, Far: 40.0in./101.7cm), 20mil Code 39 (Near: 2.1in./5.3cm, Far: 54in./137.2cm), 100mil code 39 (Near: 11.0in./27.9cm, Far: 172.0in./436.9cm); 160mil DataMatrix (Near: 11.5in./29.2cm, Far: 138.0in./350.5cm).

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